Publish date: January 15, 2019 live in Moscow!

Rotterdam - January 15, 2019

In our everlasting thrive to get the best experience for the gaming world, opened a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Moscow, Russia. This location was high on the priority list of as this region was one of the bottlenecks in covering the Russian gamers-base. Russian gamers used to connect to the Polish servers as didn’t have own servers online in Russia. Even though it was already a good connection, we wanted the best possible connection for our customers and gamers with the lowest latency possible! 

Edwin Verwoerd (Team leader Network Operations) of "Network wise, we connected Moscow redundantly on the backbone so that we have a low-latency connection to the rest of our internet backbone and to the rest of the world. For the people who live in Russia, we connected to the number 1 internet exchange in Russia, the MSK-IX. Together with the PITER-IX, Russian gamers will have a short path to the servers of We will connect to more ISP’s in Russia and surrounding countries the coming period and we will continue to do so on all our locations worldwide."

If you are interested in managed or unmanaged hosting in Moscow, feel free to contact us for more information.