Publish date: June 28, 2018 is live in Chicago U.S.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Thursday, June 28, 2018

While working on a new point of presence in Moscow, the network team is preparing another point of presence in Chicago. This point of presence (PoP) will be directly connected to our PoPs in New York and Los Angeles. From Chicago we'll serve Nothern America and Canada. 

The Chicago PoP will be established in the Equinix CH3 data center.'s CTO Stefan Ideler explains: 'Equinix is one of our preferred suppliers, when establishing a new point of presence, we'll always look whether there is an option to use an Equinix data center. Equinix' standards are as high as ours, and they have proven to be a stable and reliable partner. We have chosen the CH3 data center because of the Equinix Chicago Exchange, and because of the broad array of transit providers. Also, there is a number of peering partners with whom we already set up peering connections on our other locations, and we expect to do so shortly after opening the Chicago PoP.'