i3D.net coming to Moscow

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In the next few months, the i3D.net network will be expanded by opening a point of presence (PoP) in Moscow, Russia.

To meet the demand for performance hosting in the Russian region, we're establishing a PoP in the MTTS M9 data center in Moscow. This PoP will be connected to the i3D.net network in two ways: there will be a direct fiber to our PoP in Warsaw, and a geographically diverse fiber directly to Amsterdam via Scandinavia. By connecting to the MSK-ix, we'll be able provide low latency connectivity for both gamers and companies worldwide. 

Stefan Ideler, CTO of i3D.net explains: "When building a new PoP there are two important factors. One being redundant - as such we will connect our Moscow PoP to the i3D.net PoP's in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Second is the local peering economy. Our network team has already built good relations with several large Russian peering partners and we exchange traffic worldwide. Most of these partners are also present at the Moscow data center or at the MSK-ix, the largest Russian internet exchange. Connecting with these parties and leveraging the rest of the low-latency, high performance i3D.net backbone will result in a significant drop in latency and thus a better player experience for our Russian gamers."

Stijn Koster, CEO of i3D.net explains the expansion to Russia: "Our clients asked for low latency services in the Russian region. Secondly, we're seeing a huge growth in the Russian gaming market. With 65.2 million players, the Russian market is the world's 11th biggest games market, according to global intelligence company Newzoo. We're proud to serve the gaming community with this new point of presence, which will make a big difference for tens of thousands of Russian gamers."