CloudFest 2019

At CloudFest, the entire cloud industry gathers to meet up and talk about innovations in cloud hosting solutions and everything related. is attending CloudFest to learn and to spread the word about our innovative ONE platform.

Meet us at CloudFest

CloudFest 2019 - Germany

CloudFest is an annual event where all key players in the cloud (hosting) industry gather to discuss the lates innovations and techniques. This event starts with a Hackathon on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24. From Monday, March 25 the program starts with a Come2Gather party. You can view the full program on the website of Cloudfest. At CloudFest, experts from around the world gather to give insight into innovations, advanced technologies and off course to learn about them, making CloudFest one the most open technology driven events in the world.

Meet up with at CloudFest is attending CloudFest with a small delegation. We are looking forward to demonstrate our latets innovations in hosting with Cloud bursting for cost efficiency on the one hand and performance/availability on the the other. Within our ONETM Platform, cloud bursting is fully automated, based on the customer's wishes and availability of bare metal. If you are interested in a demonstration, or want to talk about the possibility to deploy, patch or manage your software on a global scale through an API or within one dashboard, contact us!

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