Tiago Neto

Junior Front-end Developer

Hello, my name is Tiago, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Porto, a beautiful city in Portugal. I graduated as Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer by the Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto. A funny thing is that during my study I was not really into coding and programming, that's why I did my university major in Energy.

How I ended up in the IT industry
At some point one of my friends advised me to go in IT since this was a booming industry. When I entered the IT industry I started as a tester at Vodafone Portugal. I worked as a functional tester which meant that I basically had to click everywhere on the client portal and check for errors. After a while I got bored, and soon I discovered that web development was my true passion. Programming started as a hobby and I continuously wanted to learn more about this field that never ceased to amaze me. And now, just a few years later I work as a junior front-end developer at i3D.net! 

Why i3D.net?
As of November 2018, I started working at i3D.net as a junior front-end developer. When I saw what i3D.net was doing, I realized this is what I really wanted to do. I told myself I would fight through the final interviews to get the job! It inspired me that the people at i3D.net truly believe in what they are doing. In terms of development what is being done at i3D.net is the top notch of the industry. We believe we are the best company in performance hosting. It’s not just our ambition to be number one, we actually are the leader within the industry. 

Working at i3D.net
In my job I’m never bored, there is always something exciting to do, I always get the opportunity to learn new things. The project I currently work on is super ambitious and challenging. But this project will revolutionize the game hosting industry. That’s what I love about my job at i3D.net!  

My team is super ambitious, we are not afraid to bring up new ideas. We work with an agile development method, so we cooperate intensively with one another. Thanks to the use of this agile method, our daily activities are diverse. As a team we also critically discuss the feedback from users. Their feedback and experience is also essential in our development process. If we have some new ideas, we go for it and create and develop them! This mentality is what characterizes the company and makes it such a success. 

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