Technical Operations Engineer has a vacancy for a Technical Operations Engineer. An IT professional who can address his or her knowledge and skills to continuously serve our customers and organization with the best effort possible.

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Vacancy Technical Operations Engineer is one of the largest hosting providers in the world with the head quarters located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Managing over 8.250 servers, spread over 33 data centers in 15 countries a cross the globe, we offer a range of hosting and network solutions. Our customers reside all over the world and operate in a variety of industries such as IT companies, education and health care organizations, publishers, transport and logistics and off course e-commerce companies. Besides these industries we serve the largest game publishers on the planet with our infrastructure and hosting for sports and first person shooters amongst others.

Join a rapidly growing company

We are a rapidly growing company, which demands a flexible, dynamic attitude to cope with the sometimes steep learning curves. We work hard and always act with the customers' best interest in mind. Together with our colleagues in the U.S. and our own data centers in Rotterdam and Heerlen, Smartdc, we provide a solution for our customers' desires and wishes. Our solutions reflect our high quality standards. We are leading in the world of innovation and technique. We utilize our knowledge and ability to think out of the box, in order to serve our customers and helping them achieve their ambitions to grow. We can only reach these goals by staying true to our core values (customer focus, craftsmanship, transparency, delivering quality and problem solving), as well as offering our employees the opportunity of continues personal development. This is what distincts us in the market. and Smartdc our Ubisoft companies.

Who is our Technical Operations Engineer?

You know how to obtain the maximum value from our services: dedicated servers, colocation, firewalls, load balancers and switches, on hardware and software level. A true IT generalist! You have communication skills in English and Dutch. You are a team player and don’t have a nine-to-five mentality. Traveling across the globe a couple of days a year is not a problem for you.

The general tasks are:

  • Executing work assignments, at the office as well as in the Rotterdam data centers and locations around the world.
  • Being actively involved in the delivery of small and large projects.
  • Server maintenance.
  • Installing and deploying servers.
  • Follow and improve processes.
  • Advising other departments regarding technical issues.
  • Dealing with the daily to-do’s.  
  • Reporting progress of the activities.
  • Contribute to the team meetings and to the development of sustainable solutions.
  • Train new colleagues.
  • Coaching trainees.
  • Monthly meetings with the team leader about the activities and performance.

What we expect from our Technical Operations Engineer?

Our Technical Operations Engineer operates on Bachelor level. Experience with data centers is a plus.
Your competences are:

  • Flexibility
    Our company adapts to changes quickly. Being flexible and able to adapt are of the utmost importance.
  • Expressing
    As team member of TechOps, you will have to talk a lot with other colleagues and departments. Your advice might help sales for instance. Being able to express yourself clearly is essential.
  • Commitment expects their employees to be involved and passioned about their work. Sometimes evening and weekend hours are part of the job.
  • Personal development has a lot of ambition as a company. That is expected from its employees as well. You are encouraged to keep developing yourself within your function as well as within the company.
  • Cooperation
    You will work with your direct colleagues from TechOps and other colleagues a lot. Having cooperative skills is a necessity in order to perform. 
  • Stress management
    The stakes can be high and with that so are the responsibilities. You need to be able to cope with deadlines and the stress that might come along with that.
  • Planning and organizing
    As a TechOps employee, we expect more than just the realizing of your activities. You need to be able to plan and organize your work in order to achieve the maximum result of your knowledge and skills.
  • Customer focus
    Customer focus is key from every point of view. 

We foresee this job to be a full time one. We don’t think the work can be done in less than 5 work days a week.

Your work environment has a head office in Capelle aan den IJssel. This will be your main work place. The data center is located in the Van Nelle Factory. This will be your secondary work place. All offices are equipped with elevated desks with at least two screens. You will receive a high-end laptop which you can connect to one of the docking stations. 

In-house Gym
In-house Gym
In-house Gym
Personal Development
Personal Development
Personal Development
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Game Room
Game Room
Game Room

What does offer you?

  • A competitive salary (depending on education, knowledge and experience) with 8% vacation fee.
  • 25 vacation days (excluding national holidays) 
  • Career guidance, with fully paid educations, trainings and courses.
  • Collective retirement scheme 
  • Travel allowance 
  • All the hardware and software you need to perform, including a phone and laptop 
  • In-house fitness area
  • A sit-stand desk for an optimal work position
  • An environment to realize and stimulate your growth ambitions

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