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Are you our service-oriented hero who speaks to our customers, suppliers and colleagues every day? Do you know how to keep our customer satisfaction sky high? Apply now at!

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A day at the office

The first thing you do, when you arrive at the office, is grab a delicious cup of coffee. Than you start your computer and check the ticket system whether there are still tickets from customers awaiting your reply. Fortunately, yesterday was a good day and we were able to make our customers happy again.  

The first telephone call comes in….  You are our hero who speaks to our customers, suppliers and colleagues in both Dutch and English; from different channels such as the ticket system, live chat, e-mail and the telephone. You are part of the team that acts as the first point of contact. Therefore, your communication skills are in order; you ask the right questions and you know how to understand and deal with a problem or question quickly. 

Our services and client portfolio range from large game publishers to national and international companies. This makes your job very diverse, and never boring. Within the first line support, which is part of the operations department; we keep our executive core operating 24/7 on the front line. The Operations team is very dynamic. Every day we keep all the balls in the air; we closely cooperate with the other departments, tackle problems and work on our customer satisfaction every day. 

it is almost time for a transfer of the shift, you check whether you have made the latest adjustments to the systems so that the evening shift can continue. You are satisfied with the end results; it was a productive day and with a good feeling you go home.  

In this interview, Game Operations Engineer Chauncey talks about his job at
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Your responsibilities

  • Being the primary point of contact for
  • Answer questions regarding game hosting, servers, colocation, managed services and backup in a multi-channel environment.
  • Analyze issues and solve them when possible.
  • Signal problems and escalate them to other teams within
  • Install and maintain software (Windows, Linux).
  • Monitoring thousands of servers worldwide on stability and capacity.
  • Contribute to the improvement of our performance.

Our Support Operations Employee has

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Proficiency in Dutch and English

  • A strong customer-focus 

  • Knowledge about gaming / hosting 

  • Flexibility 

  • Team spirit

Your work environment has a head office in Rotterdam. This will be your main work place. The data center is located in the Van Nelle Factory. This will be your secondary work place. All offices are equipped with elevated desks with at least two screens. You will receive a high-end laptop which you can connect to one of the docking stations. 

In-house Gym
In-house Gym
In-house Gym
Personal Development
Personal Development
Personal Development
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Game Room
Game Room
Game Room

What do we offer?

  • A challenging and dynamic job in an international company. 

  • A competitive salary (depending on education, knowledge and experience). 

  • 25 vacation days (excluding national holidays).   

  • Travel allowance.   

  • Collective pension scheme. 

  • All the hardware and software you need to perform, including a laptop.   

  • Career guidance including remuneration of relevant education, courses and trainings. 

  • Free access to the U-play environment of Ubisoft.

  • A modern office in a prime location with open workplaces.  Free use of the in-house gym. 


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