A day at the office

Tech jobs come with flexible schedules. Between 8.30-10 AM you arrive at the office; just-in time for the daily team meeting to go over newly created JIRA issues. Before the meeting starts, you quickly grab a coffee. To support the ongoing business, the team devides the tasks among each other. You work on the quick fix tasks assigned to you until lunch. These quick fixes gave you that satisfying feeling of helping the software users and daily improving software. Its that energy that motivated you for the rest of the day!

It is 12:30, and you are quite hungry. Today is Friday, or in i3D.net terms ‘French Fryday’. You go to the canteen on the fourth floor and enjoy a meal of fries and snacks. The entire week, you postponed writing your code documentation. It must be finished. However, the fries gave you some renewed energy, and you finish the documentation before the day ends. After lunch, you settle into your long term tasks.

Last week, you and your team had a long meeting about new ideas and improvements for the server installation software you are creating. This requires a lot of new coding. You grab a large coffee put on your headphones and really dig in. You start building and write down some remarks and additions for the team which you will share tomorrow in the stand-up.

Your responsibilities

We are looking for an additional Back-End developer to take the responsibility of the development of our control panel and deployment platform. 

  • Take the responsibility of the development of our control panel and deployment platform.
  • Designing, expanding and perfecting new functionality.
  • You create the required systems in cooperation with input from other teams;
  • You coach and assist junior and medior colleagues by sharing your knowledge and experience. 

The development team is the beating heart of i3D.net. This is where our in-house software is built to automate all the processes that are involved in game hosting. We design, develop and shape the future of the company while maintaining the past. New products and services are born on the drawing board. You report to and work directly with the Team leader development. 

Our Senior Back-end Developer

  • Has relevant experience with PHP frameworks.
  • Knows how to work with GIT workflows and Composer.
  • Has experience with SOLID, OOP, and RESTful API interfaces.
  • Experienced with code reviews is a plus.
  • You have a passion for PHP and follow the latest developments in your expertise.
  • Knowledge and experience of C# is a plus.
    • .NET version 2.0 or higher
    • .NET core
  • Knowledge and experience with ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Kibana, Logstash and Docker is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience with design patterns such as: Microservices, factories, hydrators, repositories, entities and services is a plus
  • You have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.

Your work environment

i3D.net has a head office in Rotterdam. This will be your main work place. The data center is located in the Van Nelle Factory. This will be your secondary work place. All offices are equipped with elevated desks with at least two screens. You will receive a high-end laptop which you can connect to one of the docking stations. 

In-house Gym
In-house Gym
In-house Gym
Personal Development
Personal Development
Personal Development
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Game Room
Game Room
Game Room

What we offer

  • A challenging and dynamic job in an international company.  
  • A competitive salary (depending on education, knowledge and experience).  
  • 25 vacation days (excluding national holidays).   
  • Travel allowance.   
  • Collective pension scheme. 
  • All the hardware and software you need to perform.   
  • An environment to realize and stimulate your growth ambitions.  
  • A modern office in a prime location with open workplaces.  
  • Free access to the U-play environment of Ubisoft.
  • Free use of the in-house gym.  


Did you find your next career step?

Follow the steps in the form to apply for the job opening. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our HR department at +31 10 8900070 or via hr@i3d.net.

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