Murat Çakir

Meet Murat, (25): Global Account Manager Gaming at

Meet Murat Çakir (25): Global Account Manager Gaming at

What did you do before you started working at
That is quite a funny story. I used to be a bartender, I owned a cocktail bar in Rotterdam with three other friends. In 2016 we won an award for best cocktail bar in the Netherlands. I studied Commercial Business and Junior Account Management. After that I studied Commercial Economics, but I quit to fully focus on the bartending as it became a fulltime job. The bartending time was a fun time, but after a while I found out it was not quite the life I was looking for. At that point I took a step back and started looking for a job in the direction I studied for. I already had experience in sales, and I ended up working as Account Manager at a peanut supplier. My job was to sell peanuts in bulk amounts to companies in the snack industry in the EMEA region, for example to producers of peanut butter. I liked doing sales, but I didn’t like the peanut industry.

Why did you apply at
When I saw the vacancy for Global Account Manager Gaming at on their website I was sold immediately. This was what I really wanted to do. I did not meet all the qualifications they asked for, but I have always had a huge passion for gaming, and I had experience working in sales, so I decided to give it a shot. I called the HR department and told them that I just found my dream job and asked if the vacancy was still open. They laughed and invited me for a job interview. During the interview I immediately felt a mutual click with the company. I never imagined myself working in the game industry since I don’t have a developer or technical background. enabled me to combine my true passion for gaming and sales. After the interview they immediately made me an offer, and now I happily work at for almost 2 years!

What do you like the most about
There are many aspects of the company that I like. First of all, I work in a very fun team, we are very close and involved with each other. The work environment is quite informal, and it almost feels like we are a family. Second, we get provided with many extra facilities and opportunities. We have our own gym and a luxurious kitchen. Every Friday we have “French Fryday", where we buy fries and snacks and bake it together with the whole organization. We have great coffee too. In large enterprises employees are often just a number, but within I feel like an individual. And as an individual I feel like my opinion matters and can make a difference. The lines of communication are short – we directly communicate with our Managing Director. Another aspect is that I get the opportunity to travel abroad to visit studios and attend events. It’s all the little things combined that make the work environment great! If I look back at my time at until now, I look back at a time filled with happy memories.

It sounds like it’s all literally fun and games at
We do have a lot of fun and for me it definitely is about games, but of course it isn’t perfect. Which company is? We are growing rapidly and that doesn’t always go smoothly. Internal processes are sometimes left behind as is with any company. Improvements can be made on a variety of matters. But we know there is a job to do on those fronts as well and luckily I have a good bunch of colleagues who assist me with these topics.

What is the best thing about your job?
I love traveling and within I get the opportunity to visit a lot of gaming events and conferences around the world. I went to events in Cologne, London and Paris. This year in March I will go to the USA to visit Game Connection (GC), Game Developers Conference (GDC) and work for a full week in our Pasadena office. When we go abroad we visit game studio’s or attend events, varying from big events like Gamescom, GC or GDC, to smaller local events in the area. When we go to a major event we have to start preparing months ahead. When preparing an event, we closely cooperate with the Marketing team. They create content and thereupon promote it. We schedule appointments with people from within our network but also with potential customers by calling them or approaching them on LinkedIn. Recently we were acquired by Ubisoft, so this year I will be visiting Ubisoft studio’s all over the world. 

Your job title, what does it mean? What do you do as Global Account Manager Gaming?
As Global Account Manager Gaming, I am part of the Sales team. It is my responsibility to keep our existing gaming customers happy and satisfied. I regularly talk to customers because it is important to foster relationships. This way I can determine the needs of the customer—what they’re looking for short-term and long-term, so I can help them by mapping out our services that match their needs. When customers have issues or questions they can always contact me.

Another part of my job is to look out for new customers. These potential customers vary from huge triple A games to smaller or local indie titles. When we have a new client, I do the negotiations, provide them with quotes, prices and contracts in order to get the signature on the deal.

How do you find potential customers in this specific industry?
The business I work in is a unique business. You cannot look for potential customers in an existing CRM funnel or lead website. I find them by staying up to date online, so I regularly read several gaming news websites or communities. I am also actively looking for new contacts within the gaming industry on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great source for finding news and opportunities about what is going on within the gaming industry. Besides using Social Media, I directly approach game studios. We are in the hosting industry for over 15 years, it also happens that studio’s approach us. Over the years we hosted several triple A game titles for major studios, so we developed a very solid reputation. Developers also talk to each other, it’s a small world, so this is word of mouth marketing for us.

When a game publisher is looking for a hosting company, they always talk to several hosting companies. This means there are always competitors lined up, ready to provide quotes as well. We are not a price fighter, there is cheaper hosting available. I don’t see this as a challenge since we have many unique selling points. This gives me the opportunity to provide studios with that little bit of extra they are looking for. has a physical presence in 33 locations divided over 6 continents. We own and operate our own global network combined with our own software platform ONE™ and latest generation hardware which can be ordered around the world. This way we can provide our customers with a unique high performance, low-latency experience in comparison to our competitors. Besides, we have a fully operational live support team that offers 24/7 live support for our customers. These services are not very common for hosting providers to offer.

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