A day at the office

When you arrive at the office, you are greeted by your colleagues. You dock your laptop to the docking station and walk to the coffee machine for a cappuccino. Now you are ready to start your day! After the cappuccino, you are fully energized. Now it is time for the Daily Stand-up. Every morning, we discuss the status of the projects we are working on and discuss open tasks.

You open monitoring tools and check if all systems are healthy. You start with small requests from colleagues in the morning which they have requested on Slack or JIRA. Before you know it, it is lunchtime and together with your colleagues you take the time to enjoy our mutual lunch.

After lunch, you look at the larger items on the JIRA board. You architect new infrastructure in collaboration with your DevOps, Development, NetOps and TechOps colleagues based on the business requirements. The architecture is completed and you are ready to put it to the test. Test servers are ready to accept your ansible roles. Meanwhile, you keep an eye on monitoring and the health of the maintained systems. Something alerts! You talk to your DevOps colleagues to define out who is checking this alert. You are the one doing it this time. To stay focused you put on your headphones. You open the alert and identify what threshold was reached. MySQL load increased sporadically. The root-cause for this increase is important for you to guarantee the continuous health of the MySQL infrastructure. Did a Developer create a bad query or did a customer launch something related? After this event, you continue with the task you have been working on earlier.

After a successful day, you are closer towards the setup of new infrastructure, have made sure that the health of the infrastructure stays stable and it is time to go home.

Your responsibilities:

  • Healthy infrastructure under all circumstances;
  • Advise colleagues with your infrastructure expertise;
  • Architect and build new infrastructure;
  • Work independent as well as in teams, based on agile project management;
  • Keep relevant knowledge and skills current and share them with your colleagues..

What your main focus will be

Working on existing and new infrastructure. Architect, design and build well thought infrastructure using Ansible. You make sure the existing infrastructure remains healthy and suited for the continuous growth of the business. Automation is your keyword. You are part of Development Operations and have regular meetings with NetOps, TechOps and back-end developers.

Our DevOps has:

  • Experience with Ansible or likely server configuration management;
  • Experience with infrastructure automation;
  • Experience and knowledge of Varnish;
  • Experience with docker;
  • Experience infrastructure architecture & design;
  • Experience with security (firewalling, ACLs, authentication and authorization);
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux based operating systems;
  • Code Version Control knowledge (git);
  • Understanding of CI/CD and deployment principles;
  • Coding/scripting knowledge for automation of infrastructure (Example: BASH, Python, C/C++, PHP);
  • Passion for IT infrastructure.


  • Experience with MySQL/MariaDB management is a plus;
  • Experience with ElasticSearch is a plus;
  • Experience with A10 network loadbalancing is a plus;
  • Experience with Gitlab is a plus;
  • Experience with CDN techniques is a plus;
  • Experience with torrent is a plus;
  • Customer support experience is a plus;
  • Experience with PowerDNS is a plus;
  • Experience with GeoDNS is a plus;
  • Experience with Network experience is a plus;
  • Experience with JuneOS is a plus;
  • Knowledge of Windows is a plus;

You are:

  • A team player;
  • A real technical analyst with affinity for hosting branch;
  • Fluent in English speaking and writing;
  • Strong communicator;
  • Able to have and maintain the full overview;
  • Proactive in your actions;
  • A Fast learner;
  • A Pragmatist;
  • Able to think in highly abstract terms and systems.

Your work environment

i3D.net has a head office in Rotterdam. This will be your main work place. The data center is located in the Van Nelle Factory. This will be your secondary work place. All offices are equipped with elevated desks with at least two screens. You will receive a high-end laptop which you can connect to one of the docking stations. 

In-house Gym
In-house Gym
In-house Gym
Personal Development
Personal Development
Personal Development
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Fantastic Bar
Game Room
Game Room
Game Room

What do we offer our new DevOps Developer?

  • A challenging and dynamic job in an international company. 

  • A competitive salary (depending on education, knowledge and experience). 

  • Min. 32 to 40 hours per week

  • 25 vacation days (excluding national holidays).   

  • Travel allowance for business trips.

  • Collective pension scheme. 

  • All the hardware and software you need to perform, including a phone and laptop.   

  • Career guidance including remuneration of relevant education, courses and trainings. 

  • A modern office in a prime location with open workplaces.  

  • Free use of the in-house gym.

  • Free access to the U-play environment of Ubisoft. 

  • Every friday ''FRYday''.

  • Every last friday of the month ''end-of-the-month drink''


Did you find your next career step?

Follow the steps in the form to apply for the job opening. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our HR department at +31 10 8900070 or via hr@i3d.net.

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