Chauncey Baarh

Global Account Manager Gaming

Meet Chauncey Baarh (25): Global Account Manager at

With shoulders the size of footballs Chauncey is an impressive guy. These shoulders he does not only use in the gym. As a Global Account Manager, he carries the heavy load of being the first contact of prospects. Chauncey lives in Breda(NB) together with his girlfriend and started working for in October 2018.     

Can you tell me something about your education and first work experience? 
CB: After high school I studied Marketing & Communication in Zoetermeer. After finishing school, I started working for a real estate agency, first as inside sales but soon I got the opportunity to switch to outside sales. I visited events and showed houses to potential buyers. I really liked to talk to clients, help them and ultimately close a deal. With that in mind I made a switch to recruitment to combine sales with helping people in order to start a new career.

From real estate and recruitment to the gaming industry, how did that happen? 
CB: That’s a funny story… As recruiter I wrote job descriptions, one day I had to write one for a Game Operations Engineer at Being a gamer myself I immediately got excited about the job while reading the description. So I took the bold decision to send my motivation and résumé to Two job interviews later I got the job! 

What does being a Game Operations Engineer entail? 
CB: I work together with a team and we are the primary point of contact for our clients. We monitor servers, set up servers and webhosting. We actually take care of every question that comes in through our ticket system, telephone or live chat. Most questions we can answer directly. If we can’t we direct the questions to a specialized team within and follow up with them.

You started as GameOps, but now you have made a change to the Sales as a Global Account Manager, can you tell us why?
CB: Of course, the reason why I decided to switch to sales is that I really missed having my own portfolio with clients and my own projects to manage. I am very grateful that gave me the opportunity to switch to sales and this also shows the amazing possibilities within the company. Due to the fact that I started at GameOps, I could bring a lot of my knowledge that I learned there to the table when talking to clients.

What do you like most about your sales job? 
CB: The thing I like the most about my job is the complicity of some business cases. As key account manager of Ubisoft I have got a lot of long term projects that require a lot of attention. With these projects a lot of challenges occur and clear communications with the Ubisoft teams is key. I am glad that our CCO Bart Kemps gave me the opportunity to prove myself within the team and earned myself this role.

Do you like working in the gaming industry? 
CB: Absolutely! I feel that it is an industry which is still growing and developing. That same feeling I get when thinking about as a company. The company was started by one young entrepreneur and we now have over 70 people working in offices in the Netherlands and the US! On a personal level I am an ambitious person, so I feel right at home in the industry and the company.

Last question. Those shoulders, is that what you get being a former GameOps, newly  Global Account Manager
CB: They sure helped! No, all kidding aside. When I am good at something I do it with dedication and passion. This applies to my job and also my fitness. I have been into fitness/bodybuilding since 2014 and kind off made my hobby a secondary job. I still workout almost everyday and still do it with a lot of love and strive to get better everyday.

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