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Meet Arjen Stolk (42): Sales Manager at

My name is Arjen Stolk. I’m 42 years old and I live in Dordrecht. I have been a sales person all my working life. I worked for many different companies, but always in sales. You could say that selling is my passion. I worked in different sectors, but for most of the time I worked in consumer retail.  

Gaming has always been my passion. When I was a kid I already played on Magnavox, this was around 1981. Magnavox was one of the first gaming consoles. When I was a bit older, I got into LAN gaming. I went to many different LAN parties. I took it seriously back then and I spent a lot of time and money on building and optimizing my computers for the LAN parties.  

In the past I worked in the consumer electronics industry. Retail is having a hard time to survive these days, mainly due to the uprising of E-Tail (Electronic Retail). However, the whole retail industry is changing. Maybe in 5-10 years people will no longer visit physical stores. People want to experience, they want to see, feel and hear, but they will increasingly order their consumer goods online. Because of that I became really interested in this topic, because this topic is directly linked to IT services. There is so much more information technology behind online shopping than people initially think of. IT has the power to change things and processes that we are not always aware of, this triggered my interest. appeared on my horizon by accident. Some of my friends are IT specialists, and one of them had a colleague who knew someone at the sales department from He introduced us, and as of January this year I started as Sales Manager at 

My vision on sales
My previous work experiences have given me many different sales insights. Hence, I will use these insights in my new job at My sales team consists of young and ambitious people with passion for IT and gaming. My goal is to get the best out of people in order to make them grow in their job, by putting them in the right position so they can develop their strengths. The best way to do this is to let them create their own path to success by defining goals. With this in mind, they can take ownership and become a business specialist. 
Within the industry there are many hosting companies, but there is not a single company in the Netherlands that has the global infrastructure which we have. Above all, our development team tops the bill, they are the best of the best. Currently they work on an amazing project that will change the industry. I’m excited to work with them and to translate their IT driven solutions to sales.  

Not everything you do at is engraved in stone. People at can give their own input. If you have good arguments whether something works or doesn’t work, you can actually change things. My objective is to make sure all the different teams within the company work together closely in order to help the company grow even further.   

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