Abraham Aguilar

Meet Abraham, (27):TechOps at i3D.net

Abraham (27), works as a Technical Operations Engineer for i3D.net 

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself? 
My name is Abraham, I’m 27 years old and I’m born and raised in California. I started here as of the 1st of August 2019. In my free time I like to play video games. 

What did you do before you ended up at i3D.net? 
Before I started at i3D.net I worked as a data center technician. As a data center technician you are responsible for monitoring, maintaining and deploying the physical infrastructure within a data center. I used to work on servers or hardware, but also on infrastructure related issues regarding the network. Most remote hands requests were on setting up servers, routers and switches. Other duties included running cables and additional maintenance work.  

How did you hear about i3D.net?  
I found the vacancy on the Internet, so I started doing some research and I really liked what i3D.net was doing. I have always been a gamer, that was a good match, and since I am from the Pasadena area I decided to apply. I already had quite some experience from doing the remote hands in the data center, so it was a good match from both perspectives! 

What do you do at i3D.net? 
I work as a TechOps, which is short for technical operations. We are responsible for all the hardware. We mainly set up servers for games we are going to host and make sure they keep running. Charles is my TechOps colleague, he also works in the Pasadena office, I’ll get to work with him a lot. 

I started here as of the 1st of August 2019, one of my other colleagues, who is part of the Operations team, started at the same time. I have been working here for just a month now, but so far so good! One of my colleagues from the Netherlands came over to set up an introduction program. This was a good way to get started at my new job. He taught me a lot and introduced all the different systems we use at i3D.net. He was a good teacher, and we had fun! I can’t wait to fly over for the Christmas party to meet my other colleagues.  

What does your average workday look like? 
When I walk into the office, the first thing I do is setting up my working station by plugging in my laptop to the docking station, and log into the systems. I always walk in a bit early, so I have some time to grab a coffee and catch up with some chitchat with my colleagues. I open Slack, the chat app we use for internal communication, to see if there are some incoming requests, since my Dutch colleagues just ended their daytime shift. They live in a different time zone, so I browse to the other channels to catch up on what happened during the day. Even though we are in different time zones, the communication through Slack works for us. I start by working on tasks that are assigned to me, and furthermore I keep an eye on incoming requests. And when we are on our break we like to play table tennis, darts or table soccer. 

Have you always been interested in technology? 
Oh yes, I was into computers and technology since I was a kid. My parents sometimes got mad at me when I was taking apart computers, TVs, or other devices. They saw me taking those things apart with a screwdriver and got scared I would wreck things. I always told them not to worry, because I would fix it! I just loved to see how those devices looked on the inside. After high school I started studying Computer Science, this covered a bit of everything. I’m about to finish my degree. We covered programming, network, application and so on. I wanted to learn it all. After finishing my degree, I started working in a data center because that would be the best place to learn about hardware and networking. 

And what about gaming? 
I have been into gaming for a long time. I even built myself a gaming PC. I spend a lot of my free time on it, and I was really happy with it. Also, I am a game collector. I didn’t even realize I was a game collector, until my friends told me I had a bunch of games. I never got rid of my old video games, so I have quite a collection by now. I like first person shooting games. Once in a while, I also play multi-player games, because my friends like to play online video games.

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