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Hardware SLA offers various SLA services for your hardware, in case a higher support level is required to support your business’ uninterrupted operations. By choosing the right SLA, we ensure maximum productivity and support for your mission-critical servers. Our Complete Care offers monitoring services and keeps our customers apprised of any outages by text message or email. In case of a persistent failure, the support desk is notified immediately and an engineer is called upon.
Of course, our best-effort SLA automatically covers all hardware: it provides support in replacing faulty hardware components and no-charge labor, including reinstalling the necessary operating system software. If according to your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), however, the standard SLA exceeds the maximum repair time, we can provide Silver, Gold and Platinum SLAs to fully support your RTO and RPO policies.

Network SLA manages a transatlantic MPLS backbone for traffic and IP transit services. Our primary data center is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from which we manage a 435 Gigabit network capacity under AS49544. The data center is classified as Tier 3+ and is fully equipped with several Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and backing diesel generators to guarantee megawatts of power redundancy. Additionally, is carrier neutral and our MPLS and BGP services ensure the highest uptime guarantees in every possible scenario. offers an uptime guarantee of up to 99.99%, outside of scheduled maintenance, on all network services.

Support and services

All of our switching and network equipment is being monitored 24/7 by our monitoring software; you can opt to receive a text message or email as soon as an issue is detected on your servers. This service is included in all SLAs beyond the best effort SLA, and in the Complete Care package. We have various SLA options available for your servers. You can determine which SLA to select by balancing the costs against your requirements. By default, all services include the best effort SLA. PREMIUM SLA - 24/7 - Priority: High
Priority Definition: PREMIUM SLA's are our top tier SLA options. Clients with this SLA level have 24/7 emergency support to ensure any outstanding issues with their servers are quickly resolved. A second server will be placed in the same rack with the same hardware to provide redundancy to their critical data.
Example: A hardware outage, or outage caused by an unknown issue occurs. The client can directly switch over to the backup system.
Max Response Time: 2 hours
Max Resolve Time: 6 hours
Monthly Fee: € 500 / server SLA - OFFICE HOURS - Priority: Medium
Priority Definition: standard SLAs do not include 24/7 emergency numbers. Standard SLA does guarantee a resolve time of 12 hours maximum (after the issue has been escalated to engineers), 7 days a week, inside office hours.
  • A single network route is down.
  • CPU/RAM/DISK utilization is approaching threshold.
  • RAID array in a degraded state.
  • Changes need to be made to server/device configurations.
Max Response Time: 8 hours
Max Resolve Time: 12 hours
Monthly Fee: € 200 / server SLA - Office hours - Priority: Low
Priority Definition: standard SLAs do not include 24/7 emergency numbers. You are guaranteed of maximum 48 hours of resolve time within office hours.
  • Preparation for forthcoming event.
  • Recover a single file from backup.
  • Routine administrative tasks (user management, system patching).
Max Response Time: 12 hours
Max Resolve Time: 48 hours
Monthly Fee: € 115 / server Best Effort SLA
Priority Definition: Included standard on all servers. For low priority projects. Issues are resolved at our best effort. Dell/HP 24-hour hardware replacement support is included on all servers in case of hardware failure. Issues are normally resolved within 24 hours.
Example: Any non-critical server issue.
Max Response Time: Best Effort
Max Resolve Time: Best Effort
Monthly Fee: Included on all servers

Contact details

A brief description of our contact policy and guidelines for escalating issues.

On all PREMIUM SLA options servers are monitored 24/7 for any connection issues. Engineers receive an alarm as soon as servers aren't reachable. At that time a warning is sent to a specified list of contacts (E-mail/phone/etc.) about an issue with the service. Our engineers are notified about the issue as well. Our engineers will escalate the issue depending on the SLA level, either resolving the issue immediately or planning a date and time when the issue will be resolved (if non critical).
Once all outstanding issues to the service have been resolved a report is provided. The report contains the cause of the issue (if known), the time frame and impact on the services and how the issue was resolved by our engineers.
All servers are equipped with remote reboot functionality so servers (even when not responding) can be restarted from a remote location. This is possible without the need to contact engineers.
For PREMIUM SLA's we provide direct and emergency phone numbers of engineers to ensure that any urgent technical issues and questions can be resolved in a single call. On SLA's without 24/7 support our normal support channels (Phone/Email/Ticket/Live Support) can be used. These contact methods can be found at the website. The remote hands fee is € 17.50 per 15 minutes. No remote hands fees are charged for hardware replacements.

Optional on all servers is the Complete Care package: Complete Care Package
24/7 Server Monitoring: Included standard on all servers. For low priority projects. Issues are resolved at our best effort. Dell/HP 24-hour hardware replacement support is included on all servers in case of hardware failure. Issues are normally resolved with a maximum resolve time of 24 hours.
Security checkups: monitors the security of all services. When an issue is discovered an engineer is deployed to quickly resolve this.
OS Patching: Security and critical patches to the Operating systems are managed by Your system will be up to date at all times. Rebooting of servers to apply patches is done during predetermined maintenance times. Account Manager: assigns an account manager to your servers. This manager will be your main contact point for any issues and can quickly assign additional engineers when required. Your account manager is your first point of contact enabling us to communicate clearly and adequately respond to any issues.
Server setup and maintenance: engineers will setup and maintain your servers, making changes when requested. (Software and Hardware related).
Capacity planning: will closely monitor your server capacity. Monitoring system resources to provide accurate information on current capacity and timely updates on when capacity upgrades will be required.
Free reinstalls/remote hands: Any network and server issues are resolved by engineers. You receive 2 hours a month of free remote hands and reinstalls are free of charge (any patching or work on your server is counted as remote hands).
DDoS traffic protection: Should a DDoS attack occur on your servers you will not be responsible for any additional bandwidth overuse charges.
Monthly Fee: € 75 / server