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Latest Press Release extends global reach with American and Australian internet exchanges
Rotterdam, The Netherlands - June 18th, 2014 -

Internet exchanges have been a vital part of the Internet ecosystem. They enable two users in different networks to most cost-efficiently exchange information in the broad internet network system. Internet exchanges are essential for our global connectivity proposition.
Therefore, strives towards connecting to all major global internet exchanges. This quarter, we have extended our global connectivity by connecting to four major internet exchanges on two different continents.

Additional foothold in Australia
In Q2 2014, has connected to multiple global internet exchanges.  Earlier this year, we have connected to PipeIX NSW, providing our customers a direct connection to TPG and Dodo, two of Australia's major consumer networks. If you are connecting to our servers from either one of these ISPs you will notice a more stable connection, lowered latency, and shorter traceroutes. We have established a connection to IX Australia NSW, which is an initiative of the Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA). This exchange is the only non-commercial, member-driven internet exchange in Australia and we are proud to be a part of its community. Over the last few months this newly founded exchange has shown significant growth and we have high hopes for the future.

Extended connection on America’s east coast and west coast
As of June 2014, has established connections to two internet exchanges in the United States. On the East-coast, we have connected to LINX Nova, which is an initiative of the London internet exchange (LINX). LINX-Nova is an open peering exchange certified by the Open-IX initiative. Although the exchanged traffic has not been significant yet, LINX Nova has shown prominent growth making it the strongest European internet exchange in the United States. On the west coast, has been expanding through Coresite’s Any2 internet exchange. This IX has a large number of members and has an established connection to Silicon Valley. Therefore, it is considered to be the most dominant internet exchange of west coast USA. Almost all major ISP’s and large Asian-pacific telecom providers are connected to the Any2 internet exchange. This offers great expansion opportunities for in the near future.
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