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SmartDC awarded as one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands
Rotterdam, The Netherlands - November 13th, 2014 -

For the second year in a row, SmartDC has been awarded with the prestigious Financieele Dagblad Gazellen Award. Representing the biggest datacenter in South-Holland, SmartDC has positioned itself 21st in the category South-Holland with a growth of 127%. Last year, SmartDC debuted in the rankings with a respectable 18th position.

This years’ achievement is just a special as last year, because in absolute terms, our revenue and profit actuals have grown harder than last year. “the true achievement lies within the steadiness of our growth” says Richard Boogaard; Managing director of SmartDC. “ SmartDC: Dataport of Rotterdam grows with an average of 120 racks per year and since last February SmartDC has opened a datacenter in Heerlen as well.

In Southern-Limburg, SmartDC had built a datacenter in yet another iconic building for the region. This time it is the former CBS office building in Heerlen. In the first year a few carriers have been connected in-house to provide answer the connectivitydemand from our customers. Boogaard: “ these are achievements where we as a company are very proud of. This is why it is extra special that our hard labor is rewarded with an award like the FD Gazellen.“

Since the establishment in 2009, SmartDC has grown with approximately 30% each year. The answer to the question: what makes this Rotterdam-based company so successful? Answers Richard Boogaard: ”At SmartDC our customers always come first closely followed by the technique. We have been able to meet and exceed the demand of our customers. This is why SmartDC has been profitable since day one. This allows us to build new suites every year. The profitability is a hard demand set by the Gazellen Awards. Companies only get nominated when it has grown for three years in a row with a growing revenue stream while being profitable every year.

Boogaard: “ Due to the modular way we construct our datacenter we are able to adapt to specific customer requests in the design phase of a suite.  This means that we construct suites based on the wishes of our customers. This provides us with the possibility to continue innovating. It offers us the flexibility we need and it provides us with a healthy business model”