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Our press releases provide our clients, the press and interested third parties with a single, easy to access source of company related information. Contact our public relations team at

Latest Press Release

National Datacenter Day - June 14th 2016
Rotterdam, The Netherlands - May 19th, 2016 - Take a unique look behind the scenes of one of the largest datacenters in Rotterdam and find out for yourself what is needed to connect the world. SmartDC Rotterdam opens up its doors for a selected audience. You can be a part of this group and get an indept tour of how our datacenter in Rotterdam is built, what the role of a datacenter is in our economy and get new insights in how our digital future will look like.

SmartDC employees will explain everything you want and need to know about a datacenter. You will find out what an UPS is, how we make sure servers are cooled and what is needed to send over 600 Gigabits per second to exchanges and other datacenters around the world.

The National Datacenter Day is an initiative of the Dutch Datacenter Association of which SmartDC is a founding member. The Dutch Datacenter Association connects the market-leading datacenters in the Netherlands to strengthen economic growth of the industry and drive awareness of datacenters in Dutch society.

Indentification is mantory upon arrival. Children are welcome, under supervision of an adult. Book your tour on the 14th here:

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