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An online back-up is of critical importance: nowadays, practically all information is stored digitally. Losing data is not just inconvenient; it may result in considerable business damage. Over 70% of all businesses have experienced some degree of data loss. provides you with a simple yet advanced backup solution.

Online Backup: Always Secure

Our online backup solution ensures data safety and alleviates the stress of safeguarding your digitally stored critical information. Technical insight is not a requirement for using our online backup services. Backup plans are easily put in place thanks to our installation wizard. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about your digital archives any longer. Exclusively with Software Backup a comprehensive status report is generated after completing each backup instance.

FTP Only
/ month
FTP Backup Space
No Software Needed
Software Backup
/ month
Simple to Use Software
Automated Backups
Instant File Recover
Backup Software Client
Online Backup Space
5 GB - 5 TB+
5 GB - 5 TB+
Transfer Limits
Setup Fees
Number of supported systems
Unlimited per account
Supported Platforms
Windows / Linux / Mac
Windows / Linux / Mac
File & Folder Backup
Instant File Recovery
Always Available
Redundante Backup Opties
Hardcopy Backup Opties
Backup Encryptie
Backup Repportage via E-mail
Web Interface
Backup Files in Use
Easy Backup Retention Setup
Smart Backups
Mail Client Backup
Exchange Server Backup
MySQL Server Backup
MS-SQL Server Backup
Rsync Support
Monthly Fee
From €2,50
Only €0,08 a day!
From €4,50
Only €0,15 a day!