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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Game Servers

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the latest installment in the succesfull Medal of Honor series. Powered by the incredible Frostbite 2 engine the game offers a class based multiplayer experience which centers around a global domination meta game where players earn points with every match they play that they can then use to bring their country ahead of the rest of the word.

As an EA trusted partner can offer MOHW ranked servers, starting as low as €0.99 per slot. Each server is hosted on high-end enterprise level Dell hardware to ensure maximum performance and stability. hosts over 8000 servers worldwide on 16 different locations so we always have a low latency location near you. All game servers are setup within 4 hours of receiving your payment.
Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Electronic Arts / Danger Close
Release Date:
Supported Players:
8 - 20
Frostbite 2
Admin tool:
Official site:
Forum link:


Medal of Honor: Warfighter Game Servers can be ordered on our website and will be online within 30 minutes after receiving payment.
To order Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameservers visit our Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameserver order page. We also offer Teamspeak 3, Ventrilo, Mumble and webhosting to go along with every Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameserver.

Available locations

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
London, United Kingdom
Moscow, Russia
Hong Kong, China
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia
United States
Miami, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
Washington D.C.
South America
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter Servers can be done through our simple to use order process.
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 8 slots
€ 6.00
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 10 slots
€ 7.50
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 12 slots
€ 9.00
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 14 slots
€ 10.50
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 16 slots
€ 12.00
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 18 slots
€ 13.50
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 20 slots
€ 15.00

Feature List

- Engaging meta game
- Powered by Frostbite 2 engine
- Huge persistent soldier career
- Highly customizable characters
- 8 different game modes


Admin Protocol

Medal of Honor: Warfighter uses its own proprietory admin interface which is accessed by sending python commands to the admin port. A full explanation of the protocol can be found in the administration documentation provided by EA. recommends using an admin tool such as procon to manage your game server.

Procon can be downloaded from

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